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Freddie Spencer shares a Story with Maria Costello At a recent World GP Bike Legends dinner event we had the pleasure of hearing Freddie Spencer share a story about Maria Costello at the Isle of Man.
Its a triumphant and funny story full of grit about an amazing ...
Legneds Quiz: Steve Baker & Lurgen van den Goorbergh Its Quiz Time. How well do you know these World GP Bike Legend riders! and how well does Steve Baker know Jurgen van den Goorbergh?
Steve Baker: Is a former professional Grand Prix motorcycle racer and was the first American ...
LEGENDS QUIZ: Raymond Roche & Ruben Xaus Its Quiz Time. How well do you know these World GP Bike Legend riders! or more to the point, how well does Ruben Xaus know Raymond Roche?
Raymond Roche: 1990 World Superbike World Champion and ex GP motorcycle racer. His ...
Freddie Spencer Interview: Harder or Easier for Modern Riders Hear from Fast Freddie Spencer: Is it harder or Easier for modern riders to get their break in the industry?
Hear what Freddie Spencer has to say when we interviewed him at a World GP Bike Legends event.
Still haven’t ...
Christian Sarron Interview: Racing is a drug What does racing mean to you? Is it about pushing your limits? Winning? or taking part?
Hear from Christian Sarron. To him racing is a drug.
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