Estoril Classic – Oct 2018

Estoril Classic Portugal 2018



1st – Ruben Xaus

2nd – Niall Mackenzie

3rd – Pierfrancesco ‘Frankie” Chili


1st – Pierfrancesco ‘Frankie” Chili

2nd – Niall Mackenzie

3rd – Ruben Xaus

Rider List - Estoril 2018

Rider/Pilot Detail Country
1 Phil Read 7 time World Champion UK
2 Freddie Spencer 3 time World Champion USA
3 Wayne Gardner 1 time World Champion AUS
4 Ruben Xaus SPN
5 Steve Baker 1 time World Champion USA
6 Raymond Roche 1 time World Champion SBK FRA
7 Pierfrancesco Chili ITA
8 Niall Mackenzie UK
9 Niggi Schmassmann SWI
10 Jurgen van den Goorbergh NED
11 Jose David de Gea SPN
12 Luis Maurel SPN
13 Alexandre Laranjeira PT
14 Andre Nuno PT
15 Hermano Sobral PT

The Legends World Tour touches down at the Estoril Classic 2018

“The Bikes Are Brutal, The Riders Are Legends”

World GP Bike Legends will be heading to the world-famous Estoril Circuit in Portugal to join the Estoril Classic on 6th and 7th October 2018. In our first ever visit to this esteemed event, we will be bringing back the bikes and Legends of yesteryear for on track action and much more.

The drama, stories and successes of both man and machine can be relived over the weekend, with on track action and a chance to meet all the riders in the paddock. World GP Bike Legends have once again amassed a stellar line up of both riders and machines for the fans to enjoy.

World GP Bike Legends, we will be on track for the classic parade and for the world-famous “Race of Legends”. Take yourself back in time to the hottest era of GP bike racing and loose yourself in the sounds, smells, sights and colour of the incredible Legends with their GP machines.

“Delivering on the romance of the most extraordinary age of motorcycle racing the world has ever seen”

Bringing together an incredible collection of World Champions and GP race winners, the Classic Parade at Estoril is shaping up to be a spectacular showcase of some of the original 500cc bikes from the heyday of Grand Prix bike racing. The parade will take place on both days during the event giving the fans the chance to appreciate the classic machinery as they take to the track.

“The Race of Legends”

Our superstar Legends riders are always ready to race, and once they hit the Estoril paddock evoking the sights and sounds of their original racing days, they don’t just want to parade – they’re ready to race! We will be lining up on track for the Race of Legends with a full-blown racing grid with Legends riders. The nail-biting heart-stopping Race of Legends will take fans back to the brutally competitive arena of bike racing, where only the fittest and most determined were able to survive. These riders showed true grit, determination and amazing talent.

These riders, along with their beautifully engineered machinery are considered some of the world’s greatest in racing history with now legendary status. Visit World GP Bike Legends in the paddock to meet the Legends riders, expand your autograph collection and see the bikes up close during the event.

“The Estoril Classic”

Hosted in the former home of Portuguese Formula One and Motorbike Grand Prix, Estoril Classic is the biggest Classic car festival in South of Europe. Evoking memories of the passion and glamour of motor racing, last year’s programme included classic Formula 1 cars, rally cars, endurance cars and Group 1 saloons joining the World GP Bike Legends over the race weekend. With in excess of 25,000 visitors expected to attend, this year’s rich and varied programme to be announced in the coming weeks is guaranteed to delight the audience. Cars clubs including Alfa Romeo, BMW, Lotus, Ferrari and Porsche will also be part of the event, providing one of the largest and most eclectic mix of privately owned cars in Europe.

It promises to be a fabulous weekend for all motorsport fans which includes a full programme of classic car racing and a full grid of motorcycle Legends.

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