Jerez 2015

World GP Bike Legends chose Jerez Circuit in the beautiful Southern Spain region of Andalucia to host the inaugural festival of what is to become the ‘Masters’ series for grand prix racing. Legendary riders from across the world flew in and were reunited with authentic 2-stroke machinery from the Golden Era of motorcycle racing.

With multiple headline races, fun entertainment and live music, a high quality festival was born.

Wayne-GardnerWayne Gardner said: “My perspective of the event has been overwhelmingly successful. I saw the look in people’s eyes and heard all the cheering when I won yesterday which was so cool. It brought back a lot of memories and it’s my third GP victory at Jerez! To ride with all your friends is such a pleasure. Today I was riding around the outside of Christian and I had total confidence and it was a great feeling. These motorcycles are still so thrilling, and of course we’ve got it all filmed on TV and hopefully the documentary will help us grow further. There’s already negotiations for events in other countries so the future is very bright. I think this event will springboard the interest in it and will make it easier for us to fill the grids in the future. I applaud Nick Wigley and the team at Goose for coming up with such a great concept.”


Steve-ParrishSteve Parrish said: “It’s great to be back with the old motorcycles and remember how they were in the old days. Unfortunately I’d like to apologize to Steve Wheatman because I managed to break one of his today – it’s been very kind of him to lend them to me and I was able to go out on a different bike which was really enjoyable as I managed to finish the races today! To be out there with colleagues from the past, the fumes and the camaraderie that goes on as well as to go right into the middle of all the fans and see so many enthusiastic people is really great.”


Chris Wilson, a bike collector providing some of the iconic bikes for the legends to ride this weekend, said: “The enthusiasm and commitment of Goose Live Events has brought me here today. The opportunity to come to an event like this and be part of the beginning of what I really hope is going to be something very special was too good to miss. It is obviously a staggeringly good location, it is just a fantastic circuit – Jerez, Andalucia is beautiful but also packed with history. Everyone has been fantastic and I really look forward to this weekend.”


The Race Of Legends 500cc – Race 1

  1. Wayne GARDNER – Cagiva V589
  2. Didier de RADIGUES – Suzuki XR88 RGV 500
  3. Kevin SCHWANTZ – Suzuki XR84 RGV 500
  4. Christian SARRON – Yamaha YZR 500
  5. Niggi SCHMASSMANN – Yamaha YZR 500
  6. Freddie SPENCER – Yamaha OW48R
  7. Gary LINGHAM – Suzuki RGB500 MK7
  8. Graeme CROSBY – Suzuki XR34
  9. Steve PARRISH – Suzuki XR34
  10. Michael NEEVES – Yamaha YZR 500
  11. Phil READ – Suzuki Mk1RG
  12. Jose Luis CARDOSO – Kawasaki KR500

The Race Of Legends 500cc – Race 2

  1. Freddie SPENCER – Yamaha YZR500 OW48R
  2. Kevin SCHWANTZ – Suzuki RGV500 XR84
  3. Didier DE RADIGUES – Suzuki RGV500 XR88
  4. Christian SARRON – Yamaha YZR500
  5. Niggi SCHMASSMANN – Yamaha YZR500
  6. Wayne GARDNER – Cagiva V589
  7. Jose Luis CARDOSO – Kawasaki KR500
  8. Steve PARRISH – Suzuki RGV500 XR34
  9. Phil READ – Suzuki RG500
  10. Graeme CROSBY – Suzuki RGV500 XR34

The Race Of Legends 500cc – Race 3

  1. Kevin SCHWANTZ – Suzuki RGV500 XR84
  2. Freddie SPENCER – Yamaha YZR500
  3. Niggi SCHMASSMANN – Yamaha YZR500
  4. Jose Luis CARDOSO – Kawasaki KR500
  5. Didier DE RADIGUES – Suzuki RGV500
  6. Graeme CROSBY – Suzuki RGV500
  7. Steve PARRISH – Suzuki RGV500
  8. Phil READ – Suzuki Mk1RG
  9. Wayne GARDNER – Cagiva V589
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